Be Still and Trust!


This year has truly been one one of the hardest years that I have had to face both in my personal life and in my business. I made mistakes, and I’ve had some really tough lessons to learn. I’ve been shaken to the core, judged, talked about, made fun of and even ridiculed. Ive has doors close and people that I thought would be lifelong friends and loved like family, totally and completely turned there back on me based on a handful of assumptions and I was left in a very lonely and dark place. To top it all of, my heart, my photography business was involved in a world wind of problems that are a photographers worst nightmare and that came with some really long and hard decisions that I thought I would never have to face. Talk about feeling exhausted. But then something magical happened…

I decided to listen to my inner voice remove myself from the social media world that made me in many aspects and just be quiet and still. Let them talk, let them assume, let them believe what they want detox from the drama… big time. And the loudest thing I heard was just STOP!!!

Stop trying to please everyone!
Stop yearning to be loved so much!
Stop saying Yes to everything and everyone!

In the most of it all God sent me my Angel! My Alfie…a man that promised nothing and held my hand, dried my tears and gave me nothing but unconditional love with actions, not words. And not because he had to but because he admired me as a woman, as a colleague and as woman of God. To say that he made me his Queen is an understatement and those that have seen us interacting and that chose to stick around and valued my heart, my work and my friendship will tell you firsthand just how amazing this man is to me and I will tell you…I found true love. Something that I so longed for and I broke the chains for myself and my children of years of verbal and physical abuse.

My hope is that anyone that I ever come in contact with NEVER has to go through what I’ve had to go through. I do not wish this on my worst enemy and sometimes, just when I thought I had no strengths left in me I found a little ore strength and courage in the words of a select few that have been there for me immensely through this difficult time. You know who you are and I personally want to thank you for believing in me my voice.

I am so glad to see this year go but it truly has also been the best year of my life, a detox sort of year that the universe gave me and that i have conquered and come out victorious but not without kicking and screaming a bit in my silence.

My Motto for 2018…

Do what you do best, Maryel. Keep looking up
and shine bright. This too shall pass and soon it will be a forgot memory. You can’t carry the world on your shoulders and you need to truly trust and remember that…

The Lord will fight for you;
You need only to be still.

Exodus 14:14

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