New Years Resolutions

Another year has come and gone, and as such the time has come to reflect on the year ahead. With 2018 officially here, now is the best time to do some soul searching and adopt some resolutions that will help improve my photography business going forward with the goal of always improving and investing in myself and my craft. 2018 will be my best year yet.

Educating Brides

As photographers we get to see many of the behind the scenes that go on in a wedding. Down to the very last detail. We truly are the ones that spend countless hours on wedding day with a bride and groom and knowledge base can be one that is often overlooked. With so many couples getting engaged this time of year, my goal is to educate couples on the best practices for wedding day based on my years of experience and hopefully help relieve some of the stresses of wedding day.

Telling the Story

Photography has such a deep technical element to it that we often let ourselves get lost in it. I am often as guilty of this as most photographers. As photographers I feel, our goal is not technical perfection, it is compelling storytelling through the lens. Going into 2018 I am challenging myself to take a step back so that I can refocus on creative storytelling. My goal is that the resulting images will be more compelling.

Educate the future Generation

Children see the world through a special lens. There is a purity to their imagination that at some point most adults lose. If you have ever put a camera in the hands of a child you will soon discover that what they see in life is very different than the adults perspective. I recently experimented this while on a trip to Savannah, GA where I spent time walking around the city camera in hand harnessing the creativity of my children through photography. Kids will be kids, and they won’t always get things the way we hope they would. The most important thing we can do as professionals is to encourage their creativity and this year I will do just that with a handful of workshops centered around educating future generations on the Basics of Photography. My goal is not to point out all the things that they do wrong but point out the things that they can improve upon, and encourage all the things I see them doing well with their photos.

Social Media Does Not Define Me

Social media has become a truly brutal double-edged sword for photography and myself as a whole in the past. On one hand, it has been both empowering, giving me great exposure and opportunities as well as educational channels that have never before been available. The unfortunate downside of social media, though, is that the currency of likes and follows has a nasty tendency to become a driving force in how and what we shoot. Instead of shooting to scratch a creative itch, we find ourselves shooting so that the little counter under our names become a bigger number. While this can be a boon for creatives such as myself, it can have a horrid impact on the motivation to create images that inspire us. Going forward I am making it a point to maximize the positive benefits of social media while actively working to mitigate the negative impact it can have.

Celebrate Me

Finally this year I will celebrate my career, have fun, enjoy my beautiful family and fiancée, and take some time to simply enjoy shooting for the sake of shooting letting go of all the stresses of photography and simply create. Even if I never show the images to anyone, right now is a great time to leverage and take some time to recharge. My goal…to become not just a great documentor but a great storyteller. Educator and Mentor and produce the best possible images of my career.


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